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Direct Access Testing is now available at SRMC!

January 09, 2018

What is Direct Access Testing?

Direct access testing (DAT) allows consumers to order their own laboratory tests without consultation with their medical provider. Similar to the labs you would get at the healthfair only now available every Wednesday!

Each Wednesday, the SRMC Lab will offer DAT Testing that includes 9 screenings such as: General Health Panel, Vitamin D, A1c, PSA and other similar screens.

Other features of DAT Testing:

· Results are confidential and in case of a critical result you will be contacted.

· Results of direct access testing are added to your regular medical record and patient portal.

· It is up to you to seek medical advice, and share your results with your provider, if you feel you need to.

· DAT Testing is not billed to insurance or Medicare

· Pay for testing when you order it by either cash, check or charge.

Direct Access Testing with SRMC is simple, confidential and inexpensive and available every Wednesday from 8-5 pm. Wednesdays only at the SRMC Laboratory (1000 Pole Creek Crossing). Questions? Call 308.254.7268 ext 1540

DAT Testing is Consumer Initiated