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Epic Transition


Sidney Regional Medical Center (SRMC) is transitioning to a new EHR (electronic Health Record) called Epic.
It will improve safety, quality, functionality, and integration.

The conversion takes place Saturday, Oct 17.

Continuing to provide exceptional care

The implementation of Epic was done to continue SRMC’s focus toward being the healthcare system of choice. With Epic, a leader in electronic health record, common tasks are streamlined with Epic to complete processes more efficiently thus improving safety, the quality of care provided, functionality and improving integration with other providers. As well with Epic as a patient you will have greater access to your health information as their patient portal also known as My Health Connections offers an enhanced experience for both the patient and provider.

Here’s what you should know for the days following the conversion…

  • If you have an appointment following Oct 17, 2020 we asked for your patience and to plan to spend a few more minutes with us as there will be changes to our current processes.
  • During your first visit after Oct 17, 2020, patients will need to bring a valid driver’s license or ID, and proof of insurance as this information will not be moved into the new EHR.
  • SRMC registration staff will now take photos of every patient. The photo is stored in your EHR and is visible to all practitioners at the hospital and clinics. Adding your photo will improve the quality of patient care and the quality of patient interactions. This will also help reduce insurance fraud due to identity theft and misrepresentations. You have the option to decline or defer having the photo taken but will be encouraged to do so for your own benefit.
  • Patients may see extra staff helping through the transition, but everything will be business as usual. All patients will receive instructions for accessing their new patient portal called ‘My Health Connection’. Those patients who have already accessed the portal through UCHealth, will use the same portal for accessing health information from SRMC.

What other changes will the Epic EHR bring?

There will be a new patient portal called My Health Connection…

It is important to note that if you are currently a patient at SRMC, some of your health information that is in the ‘Evident’ patient portal will remain viewable as you need to access it.

When you are seen as a patient after Oct. 17, 2020 your health information will be available through a new patient portal called My Health Connection. Patients are encouraged to sign up for the My Health Connection that allows patients access to their medical record. In addition to reviewing medical information, including medications, immunizations, allergies and medical history, patients will be able to:

  • Make appointments and receive appointment reminders through the Patient Prompt program.
  • Receive lab and test results online.
  • Communicate with your provider via email.

How to access your medical records

All documentation for services prior to Oct 17, 2020 will be available for patients to access through SRMC’s patient por­tal or you are also able to request a copy of your medical records:


An authorization form may be picked up and dropped off at Sidney Regional Medical Center at any admissions area between the hours of 7 am to 5 pm Mon-Fri or at the Osage Campus Mon - Thurs 8 am to 5 pm and Friday 8 am to 4 pm.


Sidney Regional Medical Center

Health Information Management Dept

1000 Pole Creek Crossing

Sidney, NE  69162





Your bill will look different

Another change with the implementation of Epic is a new patient statement. Again, for our current patients, (those seen prior to Oct 17, 2020) to avoid confusion, if you have a previous balance you will continue to receive the old statement and need to pay that balance. Once you are seen after Oct 17, 2020 you will receive a new statement that will be easier to read and understand and will need to pay the balance for the new visit separately from the old. Unfortunately, the billing is not combined and you may have more than one bill to pay.

Payment plans, paying bills online and other payment options are still available regardless of when the service was provided. Make sure to review our Patient Billing Resources for options and contact information for questions and concerns.

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