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Nuclear Stress Testing

Nuclear Medicine Myocardial Stress Tests (NST) is a specialized cardiac diagnostic test to evaluate the heart’s function.  This enables providers to determine the function of your heart during rest and stress.  This test helps to:

  • Detect the possible presence of heart disease
  • Determine an appropriate plan of medical treatment if needed

This test includes injections through an IV that specifically highlights the heart.  Both radiology imaging and a stress test are performed.  The stress test can be completed on a specialized treadmill or with medication if unable to walk safely on the treadmill.  A physician will be present during the stress portion of the test.  The complete study will take approximately 3 hours.

This test must be ordered by a provider to be performed.  Once the order has been received, verified, and authorized by insurance, the Cardiopulmonary Department will contact you to be scheduled.