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Life-Assist Alerts

As a contracted supporter, SRMC provides a personal help button, life alert service within a 40-mile radius. For a flat monthly rate, with no installation fees, an SRMC representative will come to you or your loved one's home to install the life assist unit. The standard or cell alert button may be worn as a necklace or bracelet and with waterproof capabilities, you never have to take it off when you shower or bathe! When receiving your alert button, we will require contact information for 1 or 2 responders. This could include a next-door neighbor, friend, or family member. This individual will be contacted by the "call center" once the button is pressed. Should that person not be available, no worries as it will automatically default to an EMS response team. The call center is available 24/7.

SRMC proudly offers the next best form of mPERS (Personal Emergency Response System) the new mobile 4G. This device can be reached from anywhere, giving you more freedom to leave your home and continue about your life while simultaneously giving you protection in case of emergencies. With GPS location, response teams will be able to quickly locate you and provide assistance.

For information contact SRMC's Community Health Department at 308.254.7268 extension 1812, or