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Collaborative Care Practice (MD, PA, and NP)

The pharmacy department at SRMC is proud to offer warfarin management services with a referral from an SRMC primary care provider. This is a unique service in the panhandle that is oftentimes only found in large university hospitals. What this service entails is that if you are referred by an SRMC primary care provider to the warfarin clinic your medication will be managed by one of SRMC’s highly trained pharmacy staff. Pharmacists are medications experts which makes them excellent at handling the ins and outs of warfarin management. You will meet with an SRMC pharmacist no less than once a month where they will provide warfarin monitoring, expert guidance, answer questions, help create a follow-up schedule, and even send refill information to your pharmacy. SRMC pharmacists are also available 24 hours a day for any questions or concerns that may arise. Why wait? Ask for a referral from your SRMC primary care provider today!

For more information please call 308.254.5825.