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Medicare Wellness Visits

A Medicare Annual Wellness Visit is a preventative visit with your provider and is a great way to focus on issues or concerns that may be overlooked in a routine physical exam. Together with the Collaborative Care Management (CCM) team, you will develop a long-term preventive care plan to guide your health. 

What is a Medicare (AWV)?

The Medicare Annual Wellness Visit is a yearly appointment that the CCM team and provider will update your health records and ensure you are up-to-date on receiving preventive healthcare services like screenings and vaccinations.

Who is eligible?

All Medicare Part B members who have not had a Medicare AWV or "Welcome to Medicare" visit in the past 12 months.

Is the Medicare AWV the same thing as a yearly physical?

No, the Medicare AWV is a yearly visit with your provider to create a personalized preventive health plan. However, your provider may elect to perform additional services during a Medicare AWV, which may have additional costs.

What should I do if I haven't had a Medicare AWV in the past 12 months?

Call the SRMC Physicians Clinic at 308.254.5544 and ask to schedule your Medicare AWV. Talk to your provider or nurse about what you can do to prepare for the visit and what they would like you to bring.