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Digital Mammography

SRMC offers full-field digital mammography – a powerful new tool in the detection and fight against breast cancer. The key benefits of digital mammography are improved accuracy, lower radiation, quicker exam time, and increased comfort. SRMC's digital mammography system is fast, yet ultra-sensitive. Currently, it is the best way to detect cancer when no symptoms exist.

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What is digital mammography?

Digital mammography provides a detailed X-ray of breast tissue and is vital in the early detection of breast cancer. Digital mammography uses safe, low doses of X-rays to image the inside of breasts and is a more accurate tool for identifying abnormalities in the breast that are far too small to be felt during self-exams.

Instead of using film to capture and record the image, a digital mammogram uses a special detector to capture and convert X-ray energy into a digital image. The resulting digital images are immediately available to SRMC’s interventional radiologist for diagnosis. Digital mammography allows our staff and physicians to closely zero in on suspicious or concerning areas, enabling them to make immediate decisions about additional images.

Computer-aided detection (CAD) provides a "second read" of the mammogram by a computer to assist the radiologist in making an accurate diagnosis. SRMC also chose a digital mammography unit which uses a special tungsten X-ray tube to further decrease radiation doses up to 30 percent when compared to traditional film mammography.

How should I prepare for a mammogram?

  • IMPORTANT! On the day of your mammogram, be sure not to apply underarm deodorant/antiperspirant as it can interfere with the imaging process.
  • ​You will be asked to change into a gown, so where clothing that can be easily removed. It may be easier to wear a shirt with a skirt or pants, so you only need to remove your shirt and bra.
  • By not scheduling your mammogram immediately before or during your period, your breasts may not be as tender or swollen, which will help reduce discomfort and also allow for a clearer picture.
  • If this is the first time you’ve had a mammogram at SRMC, bring a list of the places you’ve been before and dates of previous mammograms, biopsies or any other breast procedures you have had before.

What should I expect during this exam?

The mammogram will take approximately 20 minutes. However, if additional images are needed, it may take a little longer.

  • A female technologist will position your breasts between two plastic plates. The plates will compress your breast for a few seconds.
  • You may feel some discomfort or pain during the compression. Try to relax. If you are in pain, be sure to tell the technologist so she can try to adjust the position of your breast.

What will happen after the exam?

  • After the test, you may have to wait briefly while the technologist ensures the images are clear.
  • ​You should be able to return to normal activities right away.
  • Your healthcare provider will contact you with your test results.
  • You will receive a written report by mail within 7 to 10 days of the exam.

What is the difference between 2D and 3D?

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