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Sports Medicine

When a player goes down with an injury, it’s all about how we can get them back in the game. With the SRMC Sports Medicine program, our focus is on providing an accurate diagnosis and making an appropriate referral to assist the athlete in getting the care they need.

Our team understands the needs and pace of returning athletes to their peak performance. That is why we offer a team approach that includes the athlete’s medical provider striving to return players back to activities as safely and quickly as possible. Services include:

  • Sporting event coverage
  • In-school follow up for post-athletic injuries
  • Concussion screening with ImPact testing
  • Free sports injury assessment to determine the extent of care needed
  • Referrals to providers may be made based on the initial assessment of injury

For more information on SRMC Rehab Services call 308.254.8088.

More Information:

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