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Senior Care                             

Experts recommend that the time to start researching care for our elderly is before you need one. Partly because you don’t want to be caught off guard in the event of an unexpected health issue that forces you to make a quick decision without the opportunity to make an informed choice. SRMC provides several levels of care for those seniors that require an increased level of medical care and assistance.

Learn more about our facilities and determine which service better suits you or your loved one(s).

Assisted Living
Long-Term Care

Feeling stuck? Our social services team can assist families, like you, with questions and concerns about our Senior Living facilities, as well as discuss the support we offer for residents. Get connected HERE

Also check out these helpful links for more infomation about available benefits, coverage, costs and most importantly strategies to get access to financial support. Medicare and Medicaide may be helpful to cover long-term costs but can be incredibly challenging to navigate: 

What are your long term care right under medicare?

Who is elegible for medicare coverage of long term care?

What long term care services does medicare cover?

What long term care services does medicare not cover?

What are your options to help pay for assisted living?